Welcome to The Evolution of Real Estate

Welcome to The Evolution of Real Estate

Welcome to The Evolution of Real EstateWelcome to The Evolution of Real EstateWelcome to The Evolution of Real Estate

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Our Team


Not all Real Estate professionals wear gold jackets. Nest Investing is a network of seasoned professionals who roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty.  We are  Investors, Developers, Contractors, Flippers, Project Managers, Property Managers, Brokers, Agents, Scouts and ordinary Joe's who are willing to earn sweat equity.

 Home ownership doesn't necessarily mean you've got to wear all those hats.

That's our job.

Wholesale . Fix & Flip . Buy & Hold . Develop . Lend . Learn  . Teach   

 NEST: A structure where some creatures keep their young safe and warm, or a place in which to thrive.  

Our philosophy



Your home is your castle, your safe haven from all of the harsh elements of the world.


Times have changed, the sense of community has somewhat become guarded, some of us don't even know our neighbors. 

  Imagine opening the doors  to your home to strangers: trusting anyone who wants to see inside your bedroom, closets kitchen, cabinets bathrooms and every nook and cranny they want.

We all have our lives that keep us from the upkeep of our home: life takes us away sometimes. It may have taken you away from those unattended chores. Think of the expense, hassle and chore. There are  only 24 hrs in a day.  When do you find the time. 

Think of weeding your life, packing your cherished goods, hiding your valuables the expense of storage. Getting ready for the big reveal, open houses and keeping things clean to keep up with the competition.  The seasoned professionals of Nest Investing eliminates all these stressors from our clientele. 

We are highly experienced in dealing with Pre- foreclosures discreetly and quickly. 

Pricing your home competitively and paying commissions off the top that just set you back 5% 

  Are you empty nester's ?

 Alternative sales financing and buying have emerged from the ruins of a crash that devastated families across this nation. These are progressive opportunities to the traditional RE Market. We can offer alternative financing to avoid capitol gains.

You've got plans its time to move on and if you sell your home, you can. If you call us you could pack today and move onto and achieve all your goals.

We buy single Family Homes and multi family investment properties.  We offer competitive net sales prices.

What sets us apart ?


We offer Discreet Professional Sales.

No Public Signs

No staging 

No Showings

No drive by's

No Open Houses

No Strangers

No Repairs 

No Contingencies

No Foreclosure

No Probate

No Red Tape 

No Hidden Agenda

No Waiting

No Stress

One Inspection

Private Cash $ale's 

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Its simple, You fill out the form and buyers will soon compete to purchase your real estate, for cash. The cash is always greener on the other side of this form.

You were only waiting for this moment to be free.

Nest Investing

POB 74, Sagamore Beach, MA 02562, US



We work with you and your schedule.